What Is Seo

One of the most important aspects of your new website is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Still, many today don’t take it consideration.

SEO is the careful planning and dedication to designing and perfecting a website to maximize the success of a website in various search engines.

Two main factors of SEO are:

Your Site & It’s Content

Your site optimisation concentrates on the things you can control on your website. This includes content, design, links, use of keywords and the correct use of HTML on your pages. The biggest factor of all is your website’s content.

Without strong content all of your other SEO efforts will be wasted. Make sure you use your keywords as early as possible in the page. When appropriate use bold formatting on your keywords in the page body. Make sure you use the important keywords inside HTML links.

Off-site Links and External Factors

Off-site optimisation refers to website ranking factors that are out of your control. The most important of these is the number of links pointing at your website. A link to your site is seen as a vote for your website. This means that the more links or votes your website has, the higher it will get ranked.

Unfortunately its not that simple! Some links are more valuable than others. A website that is highly ranked, will give a higher weighted vote to your website if they link to you.

Links to your website from directories such as True Local, Dmoz.org, Hotfrog and other sites carry significant weight.

Links to your website from poorly ranked sites or sites with a bad name may incur a penalty to your site. Beware of purchasing links or having pages with hundreds of links.

Sites that link to you that are of a similar category or theme will gain your site a higher ranking. Google likes to call this theory “neighbourhoods”.

SEO has grown into an artform and is separate from website design. This does not mean you should neglect any SEO efforts when building your website. Discuss SEO with Interaktiv to find out how we can help you gain a better ranking for your website.