Search Engine Ranking

SEO Rankings involve several details that can make the difference between success online and one that is constantly struggling to remain alive.

The business owner or operator should attempt to keep up to date with all of the aspects contributing to their bottom line and SEO rankings is one of the most important factors in online market share.


Consider a store on a busy main street city vs. a store on a back street suburb; search engine location is a major factor to SEO ranking and thus the business financial success.

Google and other search engines use the physical location of the website’s server as a signal. It is important you know the server location in order to gain higher SEO ranking in Google local search. This is why Interaktiv only ever offer Australian hosting and content management system to give your business the best chance at higher ranking search results.

SEO Specialists

Leaving your SEO ranking in the hands of one person in your employment is no easy decision. Making an informed choice with Interaktiv SEO services can boost your search engine rankings and help them stay there as long as possible.

Interaktiv will keep you informed of all aspects of your website presence.

SEO Neighbourhood

Major search engines often determine what area or theme your website is related to. They often base search results on its relevance to the keywords and phrases the user types. It is important to know what your website theme is, then attempt to get linked to from other sites in your neighbourhood.

It is never chance or randomness that people will find your website.

SEO & Marketing

It is often an aggressive campaign based on results and research that has been proven to ramp up SEO rankings for a business. It is recommended you go the extra mile and try to improve your SEO ranking as much as possible through different methods.

Making Sales

Keeping a user on your website as long as possible will increase the probability that a sale will occur. This can be accomplished through a number of methods.

You must make your site engaging to your visitor. Easily navigated sites are often better than flashy animated and often tacky looking designs that decrease interest.

Keep your relevance. Incorporate information on the front page that is worthy of your website neighbourhood and your site will increase rank. Keep your site up to date and make sure your users feel welcome. This encourages more repeated visits and a higher SEO ranking will result.

If your company does not have a presence yet on a social media network, it is never too late to start. Many companies currently link their website to their social media sites to maximize traffic, SEO rankings, and therefore higher sales.