Ecommerce Websites

Your customers want the online shopping experience to be quick, easy and fun. They must be able to find what they want as soon as possible with clear easy purchase methods.

Interaktiv can establish trust in your brand, by creating a powerful and intelligent e-Commerce solution that meets your customer demand.

Ecommerce and Your Business

What does eCommerce mean to my business? Business competition in Australia is at an all-time high. This is where your business can thrive in an online space.

Reduce your overheads and move your business online, this gives you instant access to vast new markets including overseas or even just interstate. ECommerce websites offer a series of unique advantages including:

Increased sales - instantly sell your products Australia wide, or globally

Preparing for a Ecommerce

In regards to accepting credit cards online, you can either do it through PayPal, or hosted on your own website via a ‘payment gateway’.

If choosing the payment gateway option, we will set you up with Relay Pay as it is the cheapest and offers the most features. The cost is $330/yr + 33c per transaction.

A payment gateway also requires an ‘online merchant facility’ from a bank. This works similar to a terminal id for the POS machine on your desk, only for online transactions.

The banks offer different packages for the online merchant facilities, some with monthly fees, some without. It doesn’t matter which bank you go with – just try to get the best deal.

When you call them, mention that you are after an “online merchant facility for processing transactions online via a payment gateway”. They will send you some documentation, which if you send to us, we can help you with it.

Here are a list of bank contacts:

Description: Description: Bank West

Phone: 1800 039 025
Details Required: 11 digit terminal id

Description: Description: Bank West
BWA Merchant Services

Phone: 1800 655 204
Details Required: 8 digit terminal id

Description: Description: Commonwealth Bank
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Phone: 1800 730 554
Details Required: Apply for an Internet Merchant Account

Description: Description: National Bank
National Australia Bank

Phone: 1300 369 852
Details Required: 8 digit merchant id and a terminal id made up
of a combination of 6 digits and characters

Description: Description: St George Bank
St George Group incl. Bank SA
Phone: 1300 650 977
Details Required: 15 digit merchant id beginning with
'05799820' and an 8 digit terminal id

Description: Description: West Pac

Phone: 1800 029 749
Details Required: 8 digit merchant id